Autumn recipes with Bettine goat cheese

Hello autumn, the season in which we enjoy the beautiful nature, but also the season when we cozy up indoors again. On this page, you'll discover delightful autumn recipes, perfect for satisfying your heartwarming comfort food cravings. From appetizers to delicious warm dinners, Bettine goat cheese makes autumn even more delicious.♥

Bettine autumn recipes

Pittige hummus met pompoen - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Crostini's with goat cheese and mushrooms

Looking for the perfect side dish for cosy autumn days? Then try these Crostinis with goat cheese and mushrooms. This dish is ideal to complete your autumn meal. With a preparation time of just 15 minutes and 10 minutes in the oven, these crostinis are quick and easy to make.

Stamppot met pastinaak met geitenkaas en chorizo - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Mashed parsnip with goat's cheese and chorizo

Discover this delicious Mashed Parsnip with Bettine Goat Cheese and Chorizo - a tasty dinner for 4, ready in just 45 minutes. This creamy stew combines the subtle flavour of parsnips with the creamy Bettine Pearls and spicy chorizo. Boil potatoes and parsnips, mash them into a creamy stew with leeks, milk and nutmeg. Foot Bettine Pearls for extra creaminess and serve with crispy sage leaves and fried chorizo. A delicious dish to enjoy.

#autumnrecipe Roasted hutspot with fresh Bettine goat's cheese

Taste the modern twist in our Roasted Hutspot with Fresh Goat Cheese. This dinner for 4 is quick and easy to prepare, with just 20 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes in the oven. Discover a combination of roasted carrots, onions and garlic with creamy mashed potatoes and fresh goat cheese, garnished with parsley and whole carrots for a surprising taste experience.

Lasagne met geitenkaas, truffel en knolselderij - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Lasagne with goat cheese, truffle and celeriac

Taste the luxury of our Lasagne with Aged Goat's Cheese, Truffle and Celeriac. This dinner recipe is quick to prepare with 40 minutes of preparation and 40 minutes in the oven. Discover the delicious flavour combinations in this dish, combining creamy celeriac puree with truffle and mascarpone with lasagne sheets, ripened goat cheese and raw ham. The whole thing is finished off with a flavourful tomato sauce and fresh herbs. Bake the lasagne until the cheese is golden brown and enjoy the delectable meal.

Geroosterde bietensalade met geitenkaas en romige dressing - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Roasted Beet salad with goat cheese and creamy dressing

Discover our Roasted Beet Salad with Matured Bettine Goat Cheese and Creamy Dressing, a versatile dish for 4 people. Enjoy the perfect combination of roasted beets and onions, creamy Turkish yoghurt dressing, ripened goat cheese and crunchy walnuts, garnished with fresh dill and orange segments. Serve with bread as desired for a delicious meal.

Currysoep - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Warm curry soup with Bettine pearls

Enjoy Warm Curry Soup with Bettine Pearls, a delicious dinner recipe for autumn days. This soup offers a tasty and quick meal. Roasted sweet potato, rainbow carrot, courgette and shiitake are flavoured with curry madras, while a creamy coconut broth base offers the perfect balance. Serve the soup with Bettine Pearls and fresh coriander, accompanied by crusty naan bread for a delicious meal.

Pittige hummus met pompoen - 3840x2160px
#autumnrecipe Spicy hummus with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese

Enjoy autumn with our delicious recipe for Spicy Hummus with Roasted Pumpkin and Bettine Pearls. This bubbly dish is quick and easy to prepare, perfect for cosy drinks evenings or lunch. Combine sweet pumpkin with spicy harissa hummus, creamy Bettine Pearls and crunchy sesame seeds. Serve with toast or baguette for an unforgettable taste experience.