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Is goat cheese a healthy choice

"Is goat cheese healthy?" "Can I eat that?"

These are common responses I get from clients when I give them recipes with Bettine goat cheese. As a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I regularly experience that people have a certain 'image' about a food product. Also during inspiration sessions I give at companies and institutions on nutrition & vitality. Astonished 'oh yeah?' hangs in the air when I tell them that (goat) cheese is an excellent product in a healthy lifestyle.

Goat cheese is often seen by 'dieters' as a calorie bomb. Anyway, cheese would be out of the question. But did you know that in terms of fat, goat's cheese scores better than full-fat cow's cheese? In addition, goat cheese is easier to digest because its fat molecules are smaller and is therefore better tolerated by people who have problems with their intestines. Partly because of this, goat's cheese fits into a calorie-conscious diet!

In addition, goat's cheese is also just incredibly delicious and you can vary it endlessly! As with everything else in a healthy lifestyle, eat in moderation and variety!

Goat cheese is packed with healthy vitamins that we need on a daily basis. For instance, goat cheese contains vitamins b12, b1, b6, b11 and vitamin d. B vitamins activate our natural energy in our body. This is because they are important in our metabolism. They release energy from food by playing a role in burning carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Vitamin d extracts calcium from our food, which is good for bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin d plays a role in the proper functioning of muscles. So you get vitamin d not only from the sun but also from goat's cheese!

Goat's cheese contains less residue than other cheeses. Residues can burden our intestines, form mucus in the airways or even cause skin complaints such as eczema. So with goat's cheese, your system is less burdened. That is why it is often better tolerated.

And then there is the taste. Goat cheese has a mild flavour, a little nutty and sweet, which makes it nice and fresh in a salad or in combination with meat, fish and various vegetables. Because of all these properties, I often use it to give recipes an extra twist!

I have two recipes to share with you. One is the favourite of my 10-year-old daughter Moos, who is more likely to ask for salmon with goat cheese than a pancake. The other recipe is goat cheese incorporated into a salad! Both totally different and both incredibly delicious and fitting into a responsible lifestyle!