Entrecote met gerijpte geitenkaas en Italiaanse kruidenolie - 3840x2160px

Christmas recipes with Bettine goat's cheese

Christmas is the season when we eagerly dive into the kitchen. So every year, the question is what to go for this time. To help you with this, we present two surprising three-course menus with goat cheese.

From the refined starter to the irresistible dessert, there is something for everyone. So create an unforgettable Christmas dinner for your loved ones. Enjoy the holidays and tasty food! ♥

Bettine Christmas recipes

Verse geitenkaas met kruidenkorstje, crackers en perencompote - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipe Fresh goat cheese with herb crust, crackers and pear compote

Looking for a surprising starter or appetiser? Then this recipe is perfect! This flavourful dish combines the creaminess of goat cheese with a crunchy herb crust, homemade crackers and a delicious pear compote. A culinary treat, and perhaps good to combine with Christmas dinner. Tip: would you like to be ready quicker? Then stock up on fig toast and only make the pear compote and goat cheese with herb crust.

Winterse geitenkaassalade met gestoofd citrusfruit - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipe Winter goat cheese salad with stewed citrus fruit

Salads only for summer? No way! This delicious winter goat's cheese salad with stewed citrus fruit brings a lovely winter atmosphere with it. Besides, it is a perfect starter for during the holidays.

Entrecote met gerijpte geitenkaas en Italiaanse kruidenolie - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipe Sirloin steak with mature goat cheese and Italian herb oil

Discover this delicious main course for lovers of flavourful combinations: "Entrecote with mature goat cheese and Italian herb oil." Guaranteed a real taste sensation, combining tender sirloin steak with silky sweet potato puree, juicy cherry tomatoes, and a delectable herb oil with basil, oregano and more. Perfect for the festive season.

Vega pompoenstoof met geitenkaas topping - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipe Vega pumpkin stew with goat cheese topping

Looking for a delicious veggie recipe for during the holidays? Then make this delicious pumpkin stew with goat's cheese topping! Don't forget to serve with haricots verts and crusty baguette to complete the dish.

Geitenkaas creme brulee - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipe Goat's cheese crèèèème brûlée

A delicious goat cheese crème brûlée. The perfect combination of savoury and sweet. Finished with blue fruit to present it as a culinary dessert. A delicious dessert to surprise your guests during the holidays.

Geitenkaas honing parfait - 3840x2160px
#christmasrecipes Goat's cheese-honey parfait

A parfait with a twist! A delicious dessert with red cherries and Bettine goat cheese to dine on for dessert at Christmas dinner.