A view on our past

bettine's history

  • 1982: Johan Ewijk founded Bettinehoeve and starts to make goat's cheese from the milk of his two goats.
  • 1990: Goatfarmers from around the area deliver their goat's milk to produce goat's cheese as Bettine starts to grow.
  • 1992: Tradegy struck: the 10 years old company burns to the ground.
  • 1993: A brand new production site is opened, on the successful grounds of the old farm.
  • 1997: Bettinehoeve shifts its course and starts to make fresh goat's cheese. Not without risks, as the demand of hard goat's cheese started to grow. The choice turns our to be a successful one.
  • 2006: Bettine Grand Cru wins a price on the annual Nantwich International Cheese Show in England and becomes Supreme Champion 2006.
  • 2007: A second production site (2.000 m2) is opened. By this way Bettine can meet with the growing demand of goat's cheese in Europe.

bettinehoeve nowadays

Nowadays, Bettinehoeve has a fruitful collaboration with about forty goatfarms, whose goat’s milk is processed in two production facilities in Etten-Leur. Bettine's assortment is being expanded, without giving in on quality or taste. Bettinehoeve has succeeded in maintaining its traditional character.

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